We Buy Houses and Take Over Payments Norfolk Virginia Beach

  • Need to sell your house fast with little or no equity? We Buy Houses Norfolk & Take Over Payments Norfolk
  • Owe more on your house than what it will sell for ?
  • Need to relocate but cant sell for what you owe?
  • We offer many creative solutions to any situation.
  • Tried and failed with a Real Estate Agent?

We Buy Houses and Take Over Payments Norfolk Va Beach.


Millions of homeowners in today’s market need to sell their house. However, many of these homeowners are unable to sell because they owe more on the house than what its worth.  Being upside down on a mortgage is no fun.

What happens after you’ve tried and failed with a real estate agent ?

Most people…

  1. Continue to feel trapped and pay the mortgage on a house they no longer want.


2.Blame the agent. ” The agent didn’t show the property to         anyone”

The truth is that Real Estate Agents don’t sell houses. Real Estate Agents simply have the access needed to list properties on the Multiple Listing System (MLS). The house sells itself only IF priced according to the market. Click here for more info on how we buy houses and take over payments Norfolk.

Most real estate investors and agents are unfamiliar with getting creative in order to make your negative equity work for you. We are fully staffed with real estate experts that can evaluate your property and provide fast simple solutions. Our team specializes in working with banks and homeowners in order to make negative equity work in everyone’s favor.

We provide simple solutions for all homeowners

  • No real estate agent commissions.
  • No bank qualifications.
  • Very little paperwork. All closing proceeding will be held by  licensed Real Estate Attorneys.
  • No lengthy approval process with the banks.
  • No home inspections.
  • Work with a  team of real estate experts with many years of experience with all situations.
  • We Buy Houses and Take Over Payments Norfolk

Contact us today and get a fast, hassle free offer within 24 hours!! We Buy Houses and Take Over Payments Norfolk Va Beach

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