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Do you want to sell your house in Norfolk, Virginia Beach or the surrounding Hampton Roads area but not sure the best way to get it done? We understand!  We take over house payments all over Hampton Roads, Virginia. We can provide you with a solution that is sure to make you happy. You see, we’re experienced in several creative methods of purchasing your house. If you’ve tried selling your house with a realtor or by using a for sale by owner sign in the front yard  and you’re not having any luck, then you probably want to talk to us. We take over house payments Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Listen, when it comes to selling your house, there’s more than one way to do it. Almost every seller that we talk to don’t realize the unlimited options we have available to buy your house.  . Let me tell you about one solution in particular that we specialize in for homeowners with little or no equity.This one strategy for many sellers is the best option when you need to sell the house quickly.

How does this work?

It’s called purchasing a house subject to the existing mortgage. In this strategy, the seller deeds the property to the buyer, who in turn makes the payments on the loan directly to the lender going forward.  After the new buyer purchases the home, the seller is no longer involved with the property.

This strategy is very similar to assumption loans but it doesn’t require nearly as much paperwork or time. Click here to get more info how we are able to take over house payments Norfolk Virginia Beach.

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