Are you one of millions of people who want to buy a house without getting approved with the bank?


We provide buyers with alternatives to getting traditional funding from the bank. Many people in today’s market desire to become homeowners but simply don’t want to go to the bank to get funding. Getting approval from the bank can be very grueling and discouraging for those who have poor credit. There is also a large group of buyers who have the monthly income to support home ownership but don’t have the necessary credit required to meet the banks approval. Our rent to own home buying program gives everyone an equal chance to become a homeowner right away without jumping thru hoops with the bank. We provide great houses for great people in all cities throughout Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. Our staff are local and we understand the needs of local home buyers in the area.

How does this process work?

This is a very simple process. Once you contact us with your information and home buying criteria we start the process to make you a homeowner right away. In order to fit you with the right property we take a look at your current monthly income, rental history and bank statements for the past 6 months. Next, we let you in on all the properties that we determine are a good fit. Once you have selected your property we then move forward with collecting a down payment towards the purchase price of your home. We set your monthly mortgage payments to be consistent with the rents in the area. We then pair you up with one of our mortgage loan officers to get you on the fast track to get qualified for a loan from a traditional lender within 2 – 3 years.

Is there a credit check?

No , there is not a credit check … however we do pull your credit in order to see exactly where you stand so that we can begin to come up with strategies to get you qualified with a traditional lender. We specialize in helping those with poor credit qualify to get a loan within 2-3 years with a traditional lender.

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