Many sellers in today’s market owe more on their mortgage than what their property is worth. When this happens sellers are faced with the burden of a short sale, foreclosure or being forced to pay for and maintain a property they no longer want to own. Good news for these sellers is that we will take over your mortgage, maintenance and ownership of your unwanted property.

Whats Included ?

  • No bank approvals, home inspections or appraisals.
  • Can close deal in 7-10 days or less.
  • We take over mortgage payments even when your property is in As Is condition.
  • Similar to an assumption loan but does not require as much time and paperwork.
  • We will pay all delinquent mortgage balances.
  • All closing and settlement activities will be facilitated and insured by an Attorney at Law and Title Insurer.
  • We take over mortgage payments Hampton Roads.

This Is A Great Option For…

  • Homeowners that have been unsuccessful selling with a realtor.
  • Sellers that have an active for sale listings longer than 180 days with very little interest from buyers.
  • Sellers that are behind on mortgage payments.
  • Homeowners facing a short sale or foreclosure.
  • Sellers that want to sell a property but have tenants under lease.
  • Out of state property owners that do not want to come back to town to fix and manage property.
  • Homeowners that have zero or negative equity but still want to walk away with cash from sale of property.

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Great company to work with. Me and my wife got military orders to relocate but we couldn’t sell our house because we still owed more than what we could sell it for. We tried selling with more than one agent and finally after paying a mortgage on a property we no longer lived in I went online a found this company. They put money in my hand at closing, took over my mortgage payments and the rest is history. Very satisfied!

Sam & Jennifer

Local company very easy to work with. We signed our mortgage over and have zero regrets!

D. Henderson

Listen! all “real estate experts” are not the same. I had 2 previous “cash” contracts fall thru on my property before eventually finding this company on google. Vince came out the next day and made an offer to take over my mortgage payment. It was not a cash offer like i wanted but he was able to give me cash to take over my mortgage and has been a pleasure to work with.

Shandrea Whitaker
Stop Foreclosure Hampton Roads Virginia l 757.288.9225 l We Take Over Mortgage Loan Norfolk Va Beach

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