Take Over My Mortgage Payments in Norfolk

  • Need to sell your house really fast but have little or no equity?
  • Do you owe more on your house than what it will sell for?
  • Has your mortgage payment become a burden?
  • Ever asked yourself … “is there a company that will take over my mortgage payments in Norfolk even though I’m over-leveraged?”
  • Take Over My Mortgage Payments in Norfolk

Good News…you’ve come to the right place. We take over mortgage payments in Norfolk.

Most people do not realize that it is possible to sell a house even if the house is over-leveraged. In fact, since 2008 millions of Americans have found themselves upside down on the mortgage. As a result, there has been an abundance of foreclosures and short sales. Foreclosures and short sales currently saturate the majority of home sales throughout the country. This is not good. Foreclosures and short sales are not healthy for the economy, home values and most of all it affects the overall lending power of banks. Not to mention a short sale or foreclosure really hurts your credit score for at least 7 years.take over my mortgage payments in Norfolk


Here at Victory Home Buyers we have perfected a few simple strategies that allow you to get rid of your mortgage payment without going through a lengthy short sale or losing your house to foreclosure. Our simple but effective strategies offer fast assistance to get the mortgage monkey off your back. In the end, you get relief and your credit doesn’t have to take a loss.

Our team consist of several experts with many years of experience in creative strategies to solve mortgage problems. We are a locally based company in Hampton Roads. We understand the many hardships of home ownership and there are few scenarios that we are not able to solve. Help yourself out and fill out your information or give us a call at 757-614-1010. We look forward to hearing from you. Now you can stop asking yourself “is there someone out there that will take over my mortgage payments in Norfolk?”

Take Over My Mortgage Payments in Norfolk 757-614-1010


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