Finding Real Cash Home Buyers in Norfolk

Need help finding real cash home buyers in Norfolk?

real cash home buyers in NorfolkSelling a house can be really confusing in today’s real estate market. Many homeowners don’t know where to begin to find real cash home buyers in Norfolk. Many so called “investors’ are completely new to real estate and have no experience with buying houses. There are several “3 day training on how to make tons of money in real estate” courses out there and most of them are free. These training courses give the impression that you can buy houses risk free and flip them for loads of money. While this concept is somewhat true; it takes some trial and error before being able to make a successful deal. See the thing is most new investors are using hard money lenders ( these are lenders that loan cash solely on the value of the property and not personal or business credit) which means they have to get a contract on a property and THEN get it approved by the hard money lender.

In most cases the hard money lender does not approve the loan for 2 main reasons:

  1. Its not a good enough deal for them to fund.
  2. They don’t have faith in the ability of the new investor to complete the  grueling process of rehabbing and selling houses.

What happens after the hard money lender declines to fund the deal?

To begin with your property stays tied up in a contract until the contract ends. During this time most newbies tend to not answer the phone and give broad answers when asked about the status of closing. Here’s my advice, follow your gut feeling. If it feels like your getting the run around you probably are. Real cash home buyers in Norfolk usually only take 10 days or less to close on a house. Within the first 3 days of the contract you should have some correspondence from the closing attorney showing progress towards closing. Don’t get caught in this massive wave of new inexperienced investors who will waste your time and simply walk away from the contract with no penalty to them.

How to identify real cash home buyers in Norfolk

Just like anything else nowadays you go online and do your own research. Google is a great resource for reviews and feedback from others. What others have to say speaks volumes for the credibility of real cash home buyers in Norfolk. You want to do business with people that are fair, experienced, have their own money and that understand the needs of local homeowners.

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